Thursday, September 26, 2019

Health Promotion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Health Promotion - Essay Example al., 2009). The primary aim of this part of the essay is to explore the influence of the key socioeconomic factors on health with a critical assessment of relevance government sources in reporting on inequalities in health. Moreover, the essay also includes a critical understanding about major barriers in terms of accessing healthcare services by the people in a particular community or state. According to the unconventional global environment, socioeconomic factors have major impact on health. The major socioeconomic factors that have significant impact on health include income and social status; physical environment; health services; education and social support networks (World Health Organisation, 2014). The influence of each socioeconomic factor has been described in the following sections. Income as well as social status of individuals can be duly accepted as one of the major set of socioeconomic factors that have a major influence on the health condition of the individuals. According to the observation of various studies, it has been perceived that the higher income level and social status of the individuals are significantly linked with a better health and wellness. Significant indifferences between the richest and poorest reflect a dissimilar health condition of the individuals (World Health Organisation, 2014). Physical environment around the communities also has a major impact on the health of individuals. In this regard, adequate cleanliness and safety in the communities, workplaces or households significantly determine better health condition. Clean air, safe water and hygienic environment often help community members to reduce possible health issues and promote wellness of each individual (World Health Organisation, 2014) Adequate accessibility and effective use of health services that help to prevent diseases is also a major determinant of a health community.

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